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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.


Yoga is not reserved for a select few. Step onto the mat with an open heart and shed your preconceptions.


In 2001 when I was living in Mexico City, I was pregnant with my first child and carrying the weight of a big baby was hurting my back. A colleague recommended yoga so I signed up for a prenatal class. When I walked into the studio, I felt completely intimidated. The other students looked like pros and the teacher was a svelt, tall, and very graceful German woman. I didn't know the names of the positions nor how to coax my big belly into a downward dog without tipping over!

I do remember, however, coming out of that first class feeling as if I was standing straighter, my chest had opened and I could breathe better. I have been an advocate of the benefits of yoga ever since and believe it can help everyone- no matter how elastic you are- in the management of our overall wellbeing.


It's not surprising that yoga has become so globally popular. In our bustling modern lives, stress and anxiety often take center stage. More than ever, we are all looking for a way to peel back the layers of complexity and navigate the chaos of life with grace. Meditation and relaxation techniques in yoga empower individuals to silence the cacophony of worries and find stillness within. Yoga postures (asanas) teach us about being grateful for the strength of our own bodies. The breath-control of yoga encourages mindfulness, teaching us to be present in each moment. Yoga truly is about the unity of mind, body and spirit.

The health benefits of yoga are multifacted, gentle and profound. With its repertoire of stretches, yoga coaxes the body to become more flexible, promoting muscle strength, especially in those muscles you never knew you had! The twisting postures massage our digestive organs, reducing bloating and promoting good digestive health. By not holding your breath, but instead teaching you to use breath as a tool throughout the practice, yoga can induce a sense of calm.

If you're like me in that first class in Mexico city, the stretches and consciousness help you stand taller, sit straighter, and become more attuned to the body's positioning in daily life. Regular practice has also been shown to stimulate the endocrine system, which regulates the hormones in our bodies that manage thyroid function, adrenal health, and overall hormonal equilibrium. If you practice relaxation poses before bedtime, you help create a conducive environment for peaceful slumber. Net, net yoga is an incredibly complete workout.


With the advent of wellbeing practices, yoga has become a global phenomenon on social media, which has unfortunately led to a misconception that yoga is reserved as a privilege for the flexible and the spiritually awakened. Instead of the serene and introspective practice yoga is suppose to be, Instagram has turned it into a competitive sport of breathtaking backdrops, elastic bodies and perfection. The desire for likes, shares, and validation often take precedence, driving individuals to push their bodies to extremes in order to gain recognition and admiration. As social media audiences gawked and grew, so did the pressure to deliver attention grabbing content. Sadly, the pressure to perform has now moved from the virtual to the real world with competitive yoga invading the studios themselves.

To be clear, those who have the strength and flexibility to twist their bodies into contorted positions are impressive. But I do think the internet has gone too far and it's time to reclaim the true essence of yoga, a practice that is about a journey within instead of a display without.

Yoga's roots and fundamental principles are about self-awareness, mindfulness, and holistic well-being. It's about embracing your body's limitations and celebrating its uniqueness. By recentering our focus on the inner transformation that yoga offers, we can begin to shift the narrative away from ridiculous competitive comparisons on social media.


You won't see me doing handstands or contorting my limbs into impossibly elastic positions in the hunt for likes or views on social media. First, I can't do this and secondly, this is not what Terranam Wellness is all about. Here, we return yoga to its origins as a centuries-old practice rooted in self-discovery and inclusivity. We encourage self-acceptance, authenticity, and embracing imperfections.

Many of our guests have discovered the benefits of yoga for the first time with us. In our yoga classes, you may find a young person next to a seasoned executive, a retiree beside a busy parent. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned athlete looking to enhance your performance, a student seeking stress relief, a senior aiming to maintain mobility, or someone just curious about the practice and starting out on a path of self-discovery, the way we practice yoga has something profound to offer EVERYONE.

Our teachers will help you discover the practice, understand your own limits, and encourage you to listen carefully to your body. We create a safe space with no judgment, where yoga is truly the personal journey that it is meant to be, a practice that transcends comparisons and competition. The yoga mat becomes a sacred space where all are equal—no titles, no hierarchies. These diverse souls converge, respect each others journeys and find unity in their shared practice.


Yoga is not limited by age, body type, or background. If you're just starting out and curious about yoga, I recommend Hatha or Vinyasa styles; they offer a well-rounded introduction. Look for in real life classes to start at a local studio or community center with a certified instructor who will provide guidance and alignment corrections for beginners. Or come visit us at Terranam Wellness☺.

Progress in yoga takes time so be patient with yourself and stay mindful of your breath. Respect your body's limits and never force yourself into poses that cause pain or discomfort. Enjoy your yoga journey, and embrace the positive changes it can bring to your life. ❤


Join us for a self-care retreat and discover the fulfilling practice of yoga.


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