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Join us at one of our exclusive boutique experiences that welcomes select guests for self-care retreats. 

Book one of our 4, 5 or 7 day stays.


Nurture your soul, mind, and body with our holistic retreats which include yoga, massages, and deliciously healthy cuisine.


Our Menopause Retreats offer gentle guidance and healthy self-practices that address your needs during this important life stage, putting you back in control.


Terranam wellness is available for privatized events or retreats. We provide a healthy break and time for self-care for all of our guests. 


Recharge your spirit with our men's retreat, offering a range of activities such as yoga, breathwork, and outdoor adventures paired with delicious healthy cuisine. 


Discover the beautiful location where our wellness retreats are held and all the details, from food to accommodation, all of the highest quality.


Authentic reviews and testimonials for our luxury wellness retreat in Galicia, Spain, from real customers.


You know a place is truly special when you can relax and switch off by day two. Cosy and unassuming but exquisitly decked out, you won't want for anything while you're here. Amazing food that proves vegetables can be the star of the show, considered yoga classes and a powerful sound healing session were amongst the retreat's delights. As for the Terranam team - Maria is truly inspirational, Oscar is a first class chef while Roger and Javi are the perfect hosts and deliver exceptional service. I can't recommend this place enough.


Simply brilliant. The place is beautiful and everyone involved is extremely caring, well-meaning, warm and extremely professional.


What a wonderful place, this place filled me up with joy, calmness and kindness they look after you, the food is delicious that I couldn't get enough of! This is my first wellness retreat, it is the one to remember! Yoga, exploring the surroundings, healthy food and relaxation is just wonderful, it's also wonderful to connect with new people, this place give you the permission to pause, I definitely recommend this place for a bit of downtime.


In a word…fabulous! The setting is gorgeous. Peaceful. Restful. The food is delicious - inventive, and even surprising. Great care seems invested in small details to create a comfortable environment. The magic of Terranam, however, is that comfort is just a necessary part of the ultimate goal. More than comfortable, I was made to feel at home! Roger, Javier (I don’t think anyone ever used their family names), and the staff exude a kind of ambient warmth…a relaxed feeling that is present even when they are not.
Many times I have not wanted to end a trip. Never before have I felt I was leaving friends behind! HOW is this possible in just a few days? Magic. Terranam!


What a beautiful setting and amazing experience! The staff were all attentive and made sure we all were well cared for. The yoga teachers were excellent - adjusting class to different skill levels. The rooms and property were beautiful with lots of quiet corners to read and relax. The food was phenomenal. I really enjoyed getting to know the staff and the other guests from all over the world - they all felt like old friends by the end. I'd highly recommend this experience to all!


The place is magnificent and all the people involved are extremely attentive, well-intentioned, warm and extremely professional. The managers a Charm. The food is delicious and for that alone it is worth the trip. The yoga courses are adapted to each one, from beginners like me to cracks that have a level and years of experience. And the massages ……… indescribable !!!! Come on, much better than home.


What can I say that hasn’t already been said in other reviews. From the moment we arrived we felt the warmth and friendliness of the whole Terranam team and the tranquillity of the setting. Our room was delightful and the beds very comfortable. With lots of restful places to sit and relax, everyone found their own little spot to enjoy the grounds and the lovely views. The care and attention to detail and the presentation of the delicious food was outstanding. I haven’t done much yoga and found the yoga teachers genuinely helpful and encouraging and we really enjoyed the sound therapy and the Galician feast. A big thank you to whole team, who added a lot of joy and some really funny moments. A perfect mother/daughter experience - we definitely left the retreat feeling relaxed, rested, healthy and more than willing to return!


I spent 5 wonderful days with my husband in Terranam at the end of July. The place is magical. The house has a lot of character, I really liked every corner of this typical area of the region, with its chapel and its dovecote. Every detail is thought out for the well-being of visitors. The rooms strike a perfect balance between absolute comfort and restful simplicity. We chose to do all the activities that were offered to us: yoga twice a day with Myriam and Daniel, excellent teachers who accompany everyone according to their level; excursions (the region is absolutely beautiful); massage: the best I've had so far! ; sound healing: I absolutely recommend… and many other things. Chef Oscar's cuisine is an experience in itself: absolutely unique, exquisite, surprising. He officiates from breakfast, for our greatest pleasure :) Finally, I would like to mention the welcome of the hosts of Terranam, Javier, Rogelio and Maria, warm and caring: a very very big thank you to them. We left rested, invigorated, happy with this stay. We hope to return soon!


We took a package that they offer for 4 days, the incredible total relaxation experience, my friend and I left new inside and out. Exquisite vegetarian food. Very well maintained facilities. The owner a charming person. highly recommended.


Amazing food, tranquil setting, and hosts that make you feel like a life long friend! I had the most incredible time at Terranam and I can’t wait to go back.


Had such an incredible stay at Terranam. As soon as we got to the retreat, we were immediately made to feel at ease and as if we'd just arrived at a home away from home. The accommodation is beautiful and I loved the peaceful and calming setting. The daily schedule was relaxed, and you can do as much (or as little!) as you please. The yoga classes with Miriam were a gorgeous way to start the day, and I also loved the healing sound bath. My massage was also one of the best I've ever had. It's impossible to write a Terranam review without mentioning the spectacular food! Each meal was delicious and proved - once and for all - that vegetarian food is anything but boring. Massive thank you to Oscar for all his hard word in keeping us fed throughout the weekend! Finally, huge thanks to Maria, Roger and Javier for their hospitality and creating such a memorable weekend. They're fantastic hosts and definitely the jewel in Terranam's crown!


Terranam Wellness filled my cup to the brim. With the perfect blend of fun, incredible gastronomy, great company and incredible views, I will remember my time at the retreat for long time to come. I arrived as a client and I can confirm that I left as a friend. Thank you to Maria, Javi and Roger for being the perfect hosts.


I've really enjoyed my stay in this incredible nature environment. I don't know where to start from.

Food was simple amazing, each bite was a tasty discovery of flavor. Simply delicious and super healthy!!! Never thought vegetarian food can be like this. Yoga lessons were awesome and I loved the instructors. Classes were adjusted to our level. And I felt individual attention to each of us as private lessons. Landscape extraordinary! Breathtaking! Facilities help me to relax and THE massage made me reconnect strongly with inner peace. Staff... Caring, loving and professional. The owner was so close and attentive that I could feel I have new friends.


I will come back to Terranam Wellness without hesitation! Excellent place to reconnect, rest, relax, enjoy and have fun. Thanks Terranam Team. You pampered us into total wellness.


My husband and I needed to get away for a few days. We’ve never been to this type of retreat before and all I can say is that it was a magical experience. The food, the location, the accommodation, the people, everything was perfect!


Fabulous wellness retreat for body and mind. I leave refreshed inside and out. Incredible site, unbeatable location. Absolute tranquility in the middle of nature. The house is a beautiful 17th century property full of positive energy. It is also a vegetarian and ecological gastronomic experience but the main thing is that it is delicious. Yoga classes by the pool and surrounded by trees is the best way to start the day. They make you want to stay longer. I hope to come back soon. Thanks to all the staff. You have been absolutely lovely. See you soon.


Terranam: one of my best experiences. We spent 4 days of pure happiness! First of all; located in an enchanting setting, we disconnect with pleasure and ease from our daily lives to recharge our batteries. The team takes special care for everyone from the beginning to the end of the stay. Each moment, each activity is a real discovery and an immense joy of well-being. Yoga, meditation, nature and high-end, local veggie cuisine. “Mens sana in corpore sano” is the definition of our stay in Terranam. A very, very, very big thank you for this fabulous memory. I will be back very soon to show it to friends.


Such an amazing experience with this beautiful blissful holistic wellness center. Location in middle of nature to help for healing, so comfortable rooms, yoga and meditation, blissful walking and hiking around… and food .. so so delicious.. it was great experience. Thank you so much our host Rogelio and Javier and our yoga teacher Antinea and chef Ramon.. Thanks again to owner Maria to start this healing center. I recommend everyone who searching for such a beautiful wellness center for healing in spain.. this is best one


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