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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.


The path to wellness and self-care can sometimes start with the path itself!

The simple act of taking time out of your day for a walk has amazing benefits for your mental, physical and spiritual health.


Just outside our door, we head out on our afternoon hike. Past the nearby village, we cross a fountain with

fresh mountain spring water, where we refill our water bottles and continue on our path.

We meander through the eucalyptus forest, breathing in the fresh mountain air and following the path accompanied by the sound of bubbling brooks. We eventually stumble upon a lagoon, Pedras Miudas. The water is crystal blue and goes 30 meters deep. We stop there for a short rest and take in the beauty of the place. For those still feeling energetic, we take the steep 15-minute hike up the hill to encounter 19th century windmills. These are the only examples of their kind in Europe… plus the expansive views of the ocean bay from up here aren’t bad either!

Mission accomplished; we head back to Terranam for a refreshing afternoon smoothie & snack.


A visit to Galicia is incomplete without wild beaches and seaside strolls. Walking along the seashore and breathing in the pure air can boost your immune system, not to mention reduce stress with the sound of ocean waves. Plus give your skin that

Vitamin D glow 😉

Terranam Wellness is located on the inner tip of the Ria de Arousa, which boasts islands, expansive ocean views, and fishing villages. This week, with the summer heat, we opted for a visit to San Vicente do Mar, an endless succession of small, beautiful, and tranquil coves, spotted with rock formations jetting from the ocean and tranquil beaches with crystalline waters.

Some of us took the winding path all the way around to visit the various beaches while others chose to lay down and relax

on the white sand.


The simple act of taking a walk and attuning to nature’s rhythm makes us more mindful of the moment, shifting our thoughts away from our troubles and creating much-needed mental space. So, this week, walk your dog in the local park, replace a videoconference with an old-fashioned phone call while you walk around the block, park your car, or bike a little bit further so you can stroll. Or even better book your Wellness Retreat with us! ❤️


Join us at one of our exclusive self-care retreat experiences.

Book one of our 4, 5 or 7-day stays.


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