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Is it possible to miss a place so much it hurts?

My love affair with Terranam.

gates of wellness retreat


I became a retreater to find moments of dedicated peace for myself. Years ago, while on a retreat in the Balearic Islands, I was in the middle of a long meditation exercise when the idea of opening my own wellness manor popped into my head.

For years after that lightbulb moment, I flirted with the idea that someday, I'd build my own wellness business in Galicia, Spain. Every summer since childhood I've returned to Galicia- my parent’s homeland- to replenish my soul with the fresh sea air and the slower pace of Spanish life. I knew the secret beauty of this unspoilt corner of Spain and I was keen to launch the business there.

On a quiet month at the office, I wrote the business plan for what was to become Terranam Wellness and put it away for safekeeping. Afterall, I was in no hurry to kick off this business; we were on the tail end of the pandemic and I certainly didn't have the financing to launch my own business. In my imagination, this project was something I'd take on in some imaginary early retirement I'd fantasized about.

The first summer after the pandemic, I was visiting my parents in Galicia, and figured I would start to familiarize myself with real estate in the region. The goal was to better understand if my crazy ideas had any foundation in reality.

Terranam Wellness manor


I told my three boys that since someday they would inherit this business, they each had to accompany me on visits. On this trip, my 4th property visit, it had circled back to my oldest son, so off we went to meet the property agent in the bay just north of my parent's home, the Ria de Arousa.

It took less than 10 minutes from when we walked in the gates to know this was the one. I often joke that I’ve never fallen head over heels in love with a man like I fell in love with this property! 😍

The sound of the mountain spring trickling in the front fountain, the stream by the pool, the breathtaking views, the stunning sunsets...this place was magical, full of beautiful energy. You could tell the property had been loved.

When we finished the visit and got back in the car to leave, my son turned to me and said "Mom, you can't wait 'til retirement, you have to do this now". He knew, too.

When we arrived back at my parents' place, I opened a spreadsheet and started to run the numbers. I couldn't wait until some imaginary early retirement; the universe had spoken to me when I walked through those gates. And I'd better listen! What would it take to make this a reality now? After lots of self doubt, many discussions with my real estate saavy father and a few phone calls to the bank, I took the plunge.

On February 1st of the following year, I was handed the keys and opened the gates to the next chapter of my life.

Terranam Wellness Courtyard


Since we first opened our gates to guests and everytime I walk through after some time away, I am overwhelmed with love for the beautiful energy and the magic of Terranam. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it is as if the warmth of her granite stone gives me a tender kiss on the cheek and she opens her arms to give my soul a hug and say "Welcome home". It's so overwhelming that I've made a tradition of giving her stone wall a peck everytime I come back after a long absence.

When I'm blessed enough to experience our wellness retreats as a guest, I can feel a sense of tranquility in Terranam's embrace. After days of watching breathtaking sunsets, enjoying the sounds of the babbling brook behind our pool or the birds chirping, plunging into the cozy comfort of my beautifully appointed bedroom and opening my window to watch the celestial marvel that is the "Tears of Saint Lorenzo"- a shooting star spectacle in mid August- or sitting on our magical rocks facing the ocean bay, I'm always saddened by the thought of leaving.


(Moh-rreen-yah; roll ‘r’ if you can)

I spent some time retreating at Terranam a few weeks ago and during the shavasana of the last yoga session on Sunday morning and with my suitcase already packed and ready to depart, I broke down in tears at the thought of leaving this place. Since then, I've been suffering from what Galicians call morriña.

Its direct translation into english is homesickness but this doesn't really describe it's true meaning. Morriña is a Galician word that conveys a deep sense of longing for a place that is far away or unreachable. It's a complex emotion, often associated with a yearning for one's homeland, especially when one is away from it. At its origin, the word is rooted in Galician culture and reflects the region's history of emigration and longing for the homeland among its people.

When I'm away from Terranam Wellness, I'm plagued by morriña. It is more than just a beautiful place; it is her peaceful essence that permeats my soul when I'm there. I miss the state of lightness, the sensation that weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe easier in her presence.

I don't wish morriña on any of you, but I do hope that one day, you will wander into the sanctuary of Terranam Wellness and within its gentle embrace, your heart shall discover solace, your burdens shall dissipate with her morning mist, and the tranquility of this magical place shall envelop your soul like a soft, comforting shroud.


You don't have to refurbish an 18th century manor to create a space that feels like a home for your soul. Instead, convert a naturally lit corner of your house into a oasis of peace by arranging plush cushions, a tabletop fountain, plant or photographs that hold special meaning to you. Enhance the peaceful atmosphere by incorporating aromatherapy. Establish a calming ritual for your oasis, whether it's enjoying a cup of tea, reading a book, practicing meditation or yoga, or simply taking a few moments to breathe deeply and relax.


Join us for a luxury self-care retreats.


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