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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.



I’ve been asked a lot about why I created Terranam Wellness. I believe that life is a journey and that every day is an opportunity to grow, to become a better version of yourself. For the last 10 years, wellness retreats have been my refuge, the place where I discovered- one tiny step at a time- that I mattered too, not just as a mom, wife, employee, friend, and boss, but as a woman, as a human being.

In our retreats, I tried to curate all the best experiences I have had in retreats all over the world, from mindful breathing to connecting with nature to gastronomic pleasures and much more.

In essence, I want Terranam Wellness to give the women of the world a collective hug, to help us all establish healthy self care practices. I am also determined that we contribute to the community in a meaningful way. More on that in a later blog 😉.

If you want to hear about my journey, listen to this podcast here.


We had the immense pleasure of hosting our first retreat last week, quite an international gathering with Canada, Spain, Mexico, USA, and France represented! Surprisingly, more men than women…good to see they are conscious of their wellbeing, too 😉.

We took a hike through the eucalyptus forest crossing bubbling brooks and the ruins of a 19th-century water mill. Later, we took our yoga mats down to the pool for an evening of stretching and winding down. Some lovely reviews from our guests:

“We’ve never been to this type of retreat before and all I can say is that it was a magical experience.”

“Fabulous wellness retreat for body and mind. Absolute tranquility in the middle of nature. The house is a beautiful 18th-century property full of positive energy. They make you want to stay longer."

We can’t wait for you to join us, too!


Listen to that whisper in the bottom of your heart, the one that’s buried deep under the to-do list, the responsibilities, and caring for everyone else. Pull it out into the sunlight and acknowledge that it’s there and you hear it. ❤️


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