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The holiday season can be a minefield of emotions. Learn how to navigate the stress, find ways to relax and practice self-compassion.

The flurry of holiday activities can quickly turn into overwhelming expectations: too many dinner commitments, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list, hosting guests and concocting picture-perfect holiday meals.

For some, the holidays don’t feel like a celebratory moment. It can involve navigating prickly family relationships or be a reminder of lost loved ones. And whether we spend them alone or surrounded by others, we may feel lonely.


With so many obligations, this can be the hardest time of year to learn to prioritize yourself. But it also presents us with an opportunity to acknowledge our feelings, practice self-compassion, and take care of ourselves.

When the difficult feelings surface, don’t let yourself get distracted with the to-do list. Be aware of what’s triggering difficulty emotions, accept how you feel, give yourself permission to pause and then choose things help YOU.

Does cooking for the whole family make you anxious? Don’t feel guilty about buying precooked or better yet, ask guests to bring dishes to share; people will enjoy contributing to the festivities. Do you feel obligated to spend time doing things you don’t enjoy or with people that drain you? The holidays aren’t a free pass to cross your boundaries. So bravely and politely decline the things that don’t bring you joy and do something for yourself instead.

If the season makes you sad, reminding you of happier times or missing loved ones, try to focus on the present moment and celebrate the memory of those not present this holiday.

The basics of overall health apply during the season, too. Try to maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep and don’t drink too much alcohol. Importantly, go outside if it isn’t too cold or have an indoor dance party, anything to get your heart moving. Giving yourself time to chill out and recharge will boost your holiday mood.


For years, my children and I would spend a wintry afternoon making Christmas cookies, a family tradition we all cherished. When they grew into teens it became more of a holiday battleground for me. I would stand at the bottom of stairs yelling for them to come down only to give up, go into the kitchen defiantly and make the Christmas cookies alone. Not exactly holiday spirit!

We don’t have to insist on traditions that leave us overwhelmed, resentful, broke and tired. So, if you don’t feel like sending Season’s Greetings to people you haven’t spoken to in years, let this one go. If board games or holiday movies are not your thing, find new traditions that bring you joy, not subtract it.

Holidays are about doing the things we love and enjoying time with the people we love. So, be bold and shake things up by dropping traditions that don’t serve you.


This season, focus on gifts of time, kindness and generosity, not material trinkets.

❄️ If you know someone who is suffering or lonely, invite them for tea or to share a meal.

❄️ Help someone paint, move, or fix something in their home.

❄️ Offer to babysit for exhausted parents who need a night off.

❄️Make individual quality time for each of your loved ones doing something you enjoy together.

Bring back the real reason for the season!



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