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In life, we all have things we wish we would have done or said. Looking back at regrets can actually help you live a more meaningful life in the years to come.


Something strange is happening to me; I’m starting to have flashbacks to my past and imagining how things could’ve turned out differently. Sometimes, it’s little scenes I replay in my head: an argument, a love interest I didn’t pursue, a long-lost friendship, mistreatment I ignored, a trip I never took. It’s uncomfortable and fills me with deep melancholy.

My regrets all have one thing in common; they are all about the things I didn’t do, about inaction.


My only solace is I’m not alone; many of us regret the things we didn’t do. Regrets are often about what seemed like small decisions we didn’t take that we now feel have changed the course of our relationships, career, lives, etc. We regret not reaching out to those we hurt, not saying what was really in our heart or choosing to play it safe instead of taking a chance.

As humans, we have an incredible capacity to go back to experiences in our lives, understand our mishaps and replay the story as we would’ve like it to turn out. Although many of these inactions are undoable, we need to treat ourselves with kindness, not content. As is often the case, the decisions we made were the best we could do with the person we were and the knowledge we had at the time.


Maybe by allowing ourselves to fully feel our regrets, our souls are whispering that it’s time to live fully and freely.

Ultimately, regrets remind us of what matters most in a life well-lived: meaningful relationships, listening to our hearts, taking care of our health, giving and receiving love in all its forms.

So, in the time I have left, I'm going to allow myself to feel more, to be less afraid of being vulnerable or embarrassed. I want to make an effort to reach out, to reconnect and say what’s truly in my heart.


Unburden yourself from “What if” scenarios.

Share a regret with someone, with yourself out loud (yes, talk to yourself😉) or write it down.

By making sense of it through language, we find ways to overcome the regret.

Imagine your older, much wiser self giving you advice today. What would you say?

Now, listen and take action.❤️❤️


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