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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.


Pursue your passions with passion!

Doing things you truly enjoy can give you a renewed sense of meaning and help you keep a positive outlook on life.


At the age of 5, I fell in love with the theatre. I can still vividly remember shuffling onto the stage with my kindergarten class, feeling the butterflies in my tummy as we waited to start the show, hearing the murmurs of the crowd and then as the curtain went up, feeling the warmth of the stage lights on my face and the energy of the darkness beyond. It felt like home. From that point on, it didn’t matter if I was sitting in the audience or up on the stage performing, I loved everything about it!


As my life progressed and my marketing career took over, I made sure to always stay connected to this passion. No matter where I lived in the world, I sought the theatre out. In New York, I rose early Saturday mornings, grabbed a quick coffee and bagle and ran off to get first dibs on discounted Broadway tickets. In Brussels and Paris, I found the local amateur theatre company and I joined. Over the years, I’ve had some amazing opportunities to see productions that moved me to tears, play great characters, learn about directing, stage direction, lighting, props, etc.


After nearly 40 years as a thespian, I now know it makes me a better person and a better leader. The theatre has taught me how to be comfortable and confident in front of an audience of 12 to 1200, something that has served me tremendously well in the latter half of my career. I’ve learned how to face my fears head on, how to think fast and land on my feet, how to be a better collaborator, how to value the contribution that every talented member of the team -from lighting engineer, to props manager to director to actor- makes to the common goal. The theatre has taught me the importance of “We”, not I.


So, pursue your passions with passion!

Whether it’s tennis, knitting, playing in a band, or tango classes, make sure you take the time to do the things that make your heart sing. It will make you happier, mentally healthier, and better at your day job!



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