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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.


Embrace the outdoors and disconnect from daily stress.


Friluftsliv is a word that was first introduced in Norway by the poet Henrik Ibsen more than 150 yrs ago. The concept revolves around spending time in nature; whether you hike, fish, sleep in an outdoor hammock or forage for berries, it’s about being present in nature for physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Since its introduction, the concept has spread to other Scandinavian nations where outdoor living has become an integral part of people’s everyday lives. Regardless of the weather, people venture outdoors, trying to soak in the goodness nature offers. In fact, it’s often said that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!


It doesn’t matter which outdoor activity we engage in, the act of leaving our digital devices behind and surrounding ourselves with trees, beach, ocean, plants, etc. can be a freeing experience. When we are present in nature, we bind ourselves to it and understand its role in the world and our own much better.

Breathing in fresh forest air or taking in sea views can strengthen our immune system, help us recover from illness and increase our energy levels. Escaping to natural settings makes us realize that the world is alive around us. We become fully conscious of its power and reconnect with our inner vitality in a peaceful environment. Practicing friluftsliv helps strip away everyday worries and gives us permission to focus on the positive energy within us.


At Terranam Wellness, we believe in being in contact with nature and giving our guests an opportunity to put friluftsliv into practice.

We are blessed to be located in one of the most breathtaking regions of Spain, surrounded by beautiful mountains, long stretches of wild beaches and seaside fishing villages. Exploring nature’s bounty is part of our self-care practice.

Some of our favourite spots:

Mountain Hikes: every week, we step into the eucalyptus forest and take in the breathtaking views of the sea bay. One of the highlights includes the secret lagoon in the middle of the woods, where we often practice meditation and some guests have even dived into the fresh mountain spring water for some wild swimming.

Island adventures: On the islands in the bay, we breathe in the fresh sea air and discover small hidden coves and quiet spots to reflect. Some of our guests have been lucky enough to observe whales and dolphins basking in the shallow waters!

River Roaming: our week-long retreats include river boat cruises, venturing inside the sea bay to explore the inner river bank on a viking ship (more on that in a later blog 😉).

Beaches galore! Our stunning wild beaches, stretching along the Galician coastline, give our guests permission to pause and soak in nature’s bounty without a single high-rise hotel or masses of tourists in sight, just you, the sand and the sea beyond.


When you live in an urban environment, you can still find moments to release stress and connect with nature. Choose a lunchtime run in the park, commute to work by bike or instead of sitting through yet another zoom call, try a good old-fashioned phone call while you chat and go for a walk. You’ll find being in contact with the outdoors will lighten your spirit and make you a better listener, too. ❤️


Join us for friluftsliv at one of our exclusive self-care retreats.


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