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New Year's Resolutions Cake

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There’s magic in new beginnings, a chance to reinvent ourselves. With the arrival of a new year, many of us look forward to starting fresh, to reset our lives with resolutions, full of important life changes with the hope that this year, we’ll succeed.


Most New Year’s resolutions look like a list of punishments and deprivations: lose 5kg, spend less money, clean out my inbox, etc. Although these are all worthy causes, most people fail to keep resolutions because of the all-or-nothing approach; resolutions are often based on a wish to stop doing things you enjoy or start doing things you dislike. They focus on what we believe is wrong with us and call for extreme lifestyle and behavioral changes.

Inevitably, the holiday high comes to an end, real life sets back in, and we fail in keeping with these self-promises for a myriad of reasons (time, energy, motivation, etc.), which leads to guilt and disappointment and a spiral of negative sentiment towards ourselves.

So, a mindset change is in order! Instead of trying to change what is wrong, we should focus on what is right and try do more of this in the year to come. It may feel counterintuitive, but a look back on the previous year’s accomplishments can put us in the right mindset for the year to come.


I am a practicing and healthy pescatarian. Yet, mid-afternoon, a cavewoman instinct comes over me to hunt down chocolate, fruit, cake, anything to tame the sweet monster inside me. If I manage to catch my delicious prey, I scarf it down and feel guilty for the rest of the day. Yet, when I deprive myself of the afternoon sweetness, I don’t feel any sense of pride in my self-discipline.

So in 2023, I vow to stop this vicious cycle and fill my life with an abundance of good things. I vow to eat more cake! 😋

To be clear, I’m not advocating you stuff your face with sugar in 2023, but I am saying that we need to learn to celebrate the hot beautiful mess we are in this moment, not who we hope we may become in some distant future.

There is no better time than NOW to truly enjoy our lives, without any of the guilt sprinkled on top. So, start by focusing on the amazing things you discovered, experienced, and enjoyed in 2022 and make a resolution to do more of the good stuff in 2023!

By starting the new year with realistic expectations of repeating positive behaviors and accepting to love yourself no matter what, you’ll be surprised how less anxious and more optimistic you spring into the New Year.

New Year's Resolutions


Make a list of things you’ve accomplished this past year, everything from projects to enjoyable experiences or personal struggles you’ve overcome. Consciously choose what you absolutely want to repeat in 2023. Here’s my list to give you some ideas:

2022 Good Stuff

Poured my heart & soul into Terranam Wellness ✅REPEAT 2023

Took my son to an LA Lakers game

Ended an unhealthy friendship

Took a Solo Vacation ✅ REPEAT 2023

Managed to control my shoe addiction!

Discovered the joys of picking wild flowers ✅ REPEAT 2023


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