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Winter blues got you down? Try red, yellow, and pink instead! Learn ways to brighten your mood with color.

There’s an unspoken rule for women in cities like New York and Paris: one must always wear black. They say it’s slimming and more sophisticated. The result, however, is a sea of somberly dressed humans moving about their business in shrouds of darkness.

Is this really the world we want to live in?


Years ago, I was invited to a Parisian wedding on a summer afternoon. Given the blistering heat and the joyous occasion, I wore a light fuchsia dress with a Spanish manton de Manila (shawl embroidered with colorful flowers). I arrived at the ceremony to find all the guests, including the bride, dressed in black! I clearly missed the cultural cues and felt slightly embarrassed to be decked out in all my Latin flair. Later at dinner on a beautiful country estate, I chatted with another guest who asked, “Are you Spanish?” to which I affirmatively nodded. He then blurted out “Thank God you’re wearing that pink outfit. For a minute, I thought we were at a funeral!”.

I’ve never been one to shy away from color. In the summer, I discovered that I love picking wild flowers to decorate guests’ rooms, to bring natural joy and Spanish sunshine into Terranam Wellness manor. The older I get, the brighter my clothing choices become, too. Living in Northern Europe means we endure a lot of gray days and adding vibrant colors to life makes me feel like sunshine is bursting out of me, which inevitably brightens my mood.


This isn’t an accident. In Ingrid Fettell Lee’s book "Joyful. The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness", she explains that color has an unconscious effect on how we feel. Inevitably, when we describe positive feelings like happiness, freedom, surprise, we rarely equate these with gray, black or beige. Instead, we refer to yellow, green, orange and other vibrant shades found in flowers and in nature.

Color is a vital source of energy for our souls. Surrounding ourselves with color reminds us that our senses are alive, that WE ARE ALIVE and that we are full of possibilities to learn, to feel, to grow.


Practice color courage and brighten your mood with hues that fit your personality and style.

DRESS: If you like to shout it out, go full on and dress to impress! If you’re more reserved, try a gorgeous colorful accessory (shoes, scarf, bag, pin).

EXPERIENCE: Enjoy a museum visit, a walk in a botanical garden or a local festival.

DECORATE: Add a pop of color to your home or office: textured fabrics, cushions, plants or flowers.

Let your authentic self shine through.❤️


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