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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.



I poured my heart into making my vision for Terranam Wellness a reality. From the beginning - as my team can attest - I have been a stickler for details, ensuring guests have time for themselves, that fresh flowers are put in their rooms, that the food is impecabbly delicious, that we treat everyone with kindness, etc., etc. I always wanted to ensure our guests live an unforgettable experience during our wellness retreats.


In the two years we've been open, I couldn't be prouder of our perfect 5 star rating on Google! 🤩

My team is obsessed with making sure that our wellness retreats are beyond expectations.


But the moment of truth comes when it's all over.

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Wellness retreats provide a holistic approach to health and well-being, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of individuals' lives. Our retreats offer a valuable opportunity for relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal growth, all amidst a stunning natural environment.

At Terranam, we believe in fostering community, kindness and overall wellbeing. And yet, the real treasures of our wellness retreats are hidden away in a beautiful little book that sits in our cozy living space. On Sunday mornings, after the days of connecting with ourselves and with others come to a close, our guests-now friends- leave Terranam Wellness with their spirit renewed.

To our delight, it's often hard for guests to leave. I've had retreaters tell me they've decided to move in or they jokingly refuse to give us back the key to their room. We've even had some weepy sessions of departures for many that feel Terranam gave them a moment of pause, peace and self-love in their otherwise hectic lives.

When the guests have left and the Manor house is quiet, I have a bittersweet routine I settle into. I sit down with a cup of herbal tea in our beautifully appointed living space and read the loving messages they have left in our guestbook. As you'll see, these are not the ones they leave on Google reviews, but go much deeper in articulating the experience they've had with us.

Many of the messages have brought me to tears. They are a testament to why we do what we do. We believe in kindness for our guests and karma has shown its beautiful light on us, too. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity received in return.

On this spring Sunday morning, I thought I'd share some of their thoughts on their wellness experience with us, in the hopes it inspires you to come visit us for your own moment of peace.


"I lost my wife 2 months ago after 50 years together. I love life and have found some of it here again. Thank you"

Michael (UK)

"I feel priviledged to have shared the Terranam Experience. You have a most beautiful location with open, generous and friendly hosts. The yoga, swimming, countryside, gastronomic delights and accomodations are perfect. Namaste"

Shanti (UK)

"Thank you for this caress to my soul . I promise to come back to this little piece of heaven on earth."

Fernanda (Mexico)

"I came for a retreat with my girlfriends and I regret not being able to stay longer! Terranam is a pure marvel with relaxing yoga, energizing walks and an inspirational massage. The team was so welcoming and the chef deserves all of our praise for his delicious vegetarian meals."

Isabelle (France)

"The views from Terranam are amazing! And we loved all of the peaceful areas to relax in. We loved the yoga classes, perfectly tailored to our ability."

Doria & Patrycja (Poland)

"Thank you for nourishing us in every way!"

Zaina (United Araba Emirates)

"We are departing Terranam with many happy memories of laughter, smiles, joy and fun filled days. We arrived as guests and leave as friends. We are looking forward to our next retreat and sharing this magical place with our daughters."

Tracey & Fiona (Ireland)

"Blissful center to heal your whole being"

Asharap (India)

"I came without expectations and Terranam turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for making me feel so relaxed, so healthy and above all so happy."

Ana Isabel (Spain)

"A gift for all my senses...the views enamored my soul"

Mari (Portugal)

"Blown away by this gorgeous region, the team's hospitality, and the best, best food! A wonderful and warm spot to rest and reconnect."

Mehr (Israel)

"It takes great talent and love to make guests feel at home. I am so grateful for your truly inspiration team"

Dora (Mexico)

"I spent the most amazing beautiful birthday here. Thank you for making us feel so at home. We did not want to leave".

Marianna (France)

"Dear Terranam Team, The love you share for this land brings tears of joy. You have created a safe place for people to heal, laugh, cry and grow. Because of this, I leave a more grounded and whole person than when I arrived. I am forever grateful."

Matthew (UK)

"I didn't know what to expect but Terranam exceeded all of my expectations. I don't know how to settle back into normal life!"

Judy (USA)

"We found Terranam via google search and it's the luckiest search we have ever had. Thank you for letting me get into child's pose when everyone else was more stretchy. Thank you for helping bring us back together again."

Sophie & Lisa (UK)

"I came to Terranam with a very busy head and I needed a good rest. From the moment I arrived, I felt held by the kindness of the team. The food was 5 star and I felt like giving the chef a round of applause after every meal" The surroundings took my breath away. I leave Terranam with tears in my eyes."

Anne Marie (Ireland)


When you express gratitude, you are acknowledging the kindness, effort, or generosity of others. Saying thank you to someone helps you focus on the positive aspects of life and can boost your mood and overall sense of well-being. Make sure you make this your own selfcare practice every day.


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