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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.


We continue to honor the beautiful souls who work at Terranam Wellness for their kindness. Read about how they bring their passion for people to work.


Terranam Wellness is unique; we're not a bootcamp or a revolving door hotel. We're proud to be a special place where we embrace everyone openly, no matter where they are on their journey of self-care. A big part of what makes us special is the environment of kindness and peace that our staff creates. To make our guests feel more like friends, our team had to be carefully selected to ensure that they, too, are mindful people who care for themselves and others. Here we honor a part of our team.


Rogelio is the considerate manager of Terranam Wellness. He makes sure that everything is perfectly prepared and organized with our staff to make your stay with us hassle-free and relaxing. The welcome letter you receive, the fresh flowers in your room, the yoga teacher who knows about your knee injury ahead of time, the fruit-infused water, and all the delightful surprises of our retreats are orchestrated by him. He understands what it takes to make clients happy and ensures that our team brings their best selves to fostering an environment of warm hospitality and kindness for all. When not welcoming our retreaters, he enjoys spending time on the Galician beaches and a good glass of Spanish red wine.


For many of our guests, Javi is the first person they meet. He usually greets everyone with a big hug, which sets the tone for the rest of the experience on our retreats. Javi is a kind soul who loves the outdoors and can often be found in moments of mindfulness, tinkering around the manor or tending to our outdoor flowers ensuring they look their best for your arrival. He is our guide for EXPLORE activities, helping guests reconnect with nature through visits to the mountains, waterfalls, lagoon, islands. In his free time, you can find him on long pensive walks in the eucalyptus forest, painting or taking photographs; in fact, Javi's artistic eye is the vision behind many of the Terranam images that grace these pages.


Meet our extraordinary chef, Ramon. He is from Galicia and was first introduced to cooking and eating delicious food by his grandmother, Rosario. He became a chef at 32, when he realized that his most mindful and happy moments were always in the kitchen. He trained in Michelin star restaurants and today leaves our guests delightfully stunned with the beauty and flavours of his gastronomic creations. Our menu is one of the amazing highlights of our retreats and Ramon pours his passion for haute cuisine and his kindness into every delicious bite.


This is Jose Luis. If you've retreated with us, you might have spotted him early in the morning, ensuring our pool and pond are pristine before you come down for a swim. Jose Luis has been a gardener and landscaper for over 23 years. He exemplifies Friluftsliv (read our earlier blog on this to learn more). His parents had a farm so he grew up outdoors and can't imagine working in an office. Jose Luis loves being out in the fresh open air and is passionate about working in natural and wild landscapes.


During our retreats, we like to surprise our guests with unexpected experiences that remind them that they are on the fringe of the Celtic world. The Galician queimada dates back to pagan times and is used to cast away bad spirits, transmitting magical powers to those who partake. Our local wizard- whose identity will remain a secret!- pulls out all the bells and whistles to delight our guests in this Celtic ritual. He chants the ancient spell over a magical flaming brew, encouraging guests to throw negative thoughts and experiences into the blue flame. Our mysterious celtic wizard then invites guests to drink the magical potion and let in the positive light.


When was the last time you gave someone a hug? I don't mean the quick pat-on-the-back kind of hug, but a big strong bear hug. Hugs help lower our stress levels, making us more compassionate towards ourselves. Hugs physically communicate to others that they are safe and cared for. Squeeze all the benefits out of a warm hug and embrace a loved one today.


Join us at one of our exclusive self-care retreats.


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