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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.


Wellness and self-care are not the exclusive domain of women. To our delight, men are starting to take control of their own wellness. Here are their stories.


Our society historically discourages men from taking care of their health. It's as if the ideas of masculinity and protector are somehow incompatible with self-care or asking for help. It’s time to change how we see wellness for men.

At Terranam, we are delighted to be witnesses to a pivotal change. More and more, we welcome men who are taking their own self-care seriously and learning to pause for some me-time. This week we highlight some of these wonderful guests and what they had to say about their experience with us.


" This place is magnificent! Thank you to the Terranam team for their warm welcome. I've grown younger by 10 years!"

Christian is an artist from Paris. This was his first wellness retreat and he took everything in with an artist's sensitivity. He delighted in moments of stillness around the manor but what he most enjoyed was discovering our menu. As a passionate French cook he was stunned to see vegetarian food could be so delicious! Christian was especially taken with our Padron peppers. When he discovered that the town of Padron was only 20km away from Terranam, he was in pepper paradise!


"One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. These were days of much relaxation and growth."

Say hello to Henoc. He hails from Mexico but has lived all over the world. Henoc is an avid practioner of yoga and has even encouraged his elderly father into the practice. He enjoys living a healthy life, taking long walks and life by the sea. Henoc was passing through Spain and decided to join us to see Galicia and enjoy a wellness retreat during his stay. We're glad he soaked in the fresh sea air.


"Many times I have not wanted to end a trip. Never before have I felt I was leaving friends behind! HOW is this possible in just a few days? Magic. Terranam!"

Albert is from the US but lives in France. He and his partner came to discover Galicia and Terranam was part of their holiday. Albert recently retired and enjoys sports and singing. He tried his first yoga class with us and came away delighted. Albert was seen lounging around our pool, taking in our stunning sunsets and practicing his singing around the manor. He so enjoyed his stay he's been back to see us again this year and we were thrilled to welcome back his beautiful voice.


Ollie is a successful British business man with an impressive career. Ollie's professional life is very demanding and he's fortunate to have an employer who offers a wellness allowance so he decided to use this to come to Terranam.

Ollie had never tried vegetarian cuisine and certainly not yoga; he's more of a rugby guy. His stay at Terranam was all about quietly disconnecting and we were pleased to capture Ollie in moments of self-reflection, like in this pic on the beach.


"I recommend Terranam to everyone who is searching for such a beautiful wellness center for healing in Spain.... this is the best one."

Peace to Ashraf, who comes from India, where he runs a hotel in Jaisalmer. Ashraf is a firm believer in wellness and an avid meditator. He helps guide others through active meditation practice and was an incredible guest, helping our other clients feel even more at peace during their stay.


"Wonderful location, world-class level of food and interesting activities. The staff pay attention to the smallest details so guests can relax, enjoy and recharge. Will certainly go back!"

You might be fooled by this picture, but Liron had never tried yoga until he came to Terranam. He is an engineer who was fed up with the hectic pace of his work life and from one day to the next, hopped on a plane all the way from Israel to join one of our retreats. Liron gave himself permission to pause and kept a curious and open mind as he discovered his own possibilities.


"Just GREAT. The place is magnificent!"

Daniel came to Terranam on his first wellness retreat with his wife. As a therapist, he is sensitve to the human experience and took no time to adjust to our environment. As soon as we saw him walking around the property barefoot, we knew we'd achieved our mission!

At Terranam, Daniel did it all: hiking, beaches, delicious vegetarian meals. He is the guest who has most enjoyed the sound bath in our chapel. When the sound healing was over, he said "That was better than a mushroom trip!" We're pretty sure Daniel will be back soon! 😉


Self-care doesn't have to be salt baths and spas; it's about doing the things that make you feel really good. Whether it's a morning run, locking away your laptop for the weekend, having a jam session with your mates, or coming to Terranam Wellness, make a list of your feel good moments. Turn these into a regular habit and you'll see how quickly it puts extra fuel in your tank. ❤️


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