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Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child

This little girl grew up in Chicago, daughter of immigrants; she spent her summers in Spain. She never felt truly part of one place or the other. She was good at school but had so much energy her teachers told her parents,

"She can’t sit still, talks too much, doesn’t speak English well”.

In her teens, she hated that her parents would speak Spanish because it made her different from the other kids. In high school, she was always available for babysitting because no one ever asked her to a school dance. She was sad about that but learned to channel her energy elsewhere by leading extracurricular clubs: French club, Students Against Drunk Driving, Music Class, International Friendship Club, Drama Club, etc.

After graduate school, she embarked on an amazing 25 year career where she’s met inspiring people, visited far flung corners of the world, and learned so much about what it means to be an inspiring leader herself.

She’s raised 3 wonderful and high energy trilingual boys (who are also probably embarrassed when she speaks Spanish to them 😉). Just when she thought she had planned life perfectly, at age 40, she suffered tremendous personal tragedy and has discovered just how strong she is and how much one can overcome if you know your truth.

Today, this little girl has turned tragedy into triumph, founding Terranam Wellness and helping other women any chance she gets through career mentorship, advising female startups and volunteering to support women, survivors of domestic violence.

This little girl would be very proud of the woman I’ve become, she’s learned that life isn’t perfect, that both successes and failures help define you, that you take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person.

She wouldn’t trade this roller coaster ride for anything.

This little girl is me.


70% of girls feel more confident about their futures after hearing from female role models. I encourage all of our fabulous subscribers to share their stories of female triumph to help inspire little girls everywhere.


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