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Celebrate the unsung female heroes of the world and the essential role they play in inspiring all of us. This week, it's all about the super powers of single Mums!


According to global UN statistics, there are over 100 million single mothers living alone with their children. The challenges of being a single Mum can seem insurmountable with many suffering from loneliness and depression.

Single Mums have no choice, no ‘backup team’ to lean on. They must take on the good and the bad of being a parent alone: the work and responsibility of raising children, financially supporting them, providing them with the proper education, emotional and moral guidance, administrative help, etc, etc, It is ALL on their shoulders.

Single Mums in every socioeconomic and educational level carry this weight. For anyone who has ever worked 2 jobs to feed their children and then comes home to cook dinner and help with homework, for any female executive who has gotten off a 14 hour flight to go straight to a parent-teacher meeting because there is no one else to pick up the slack…I see you and I respect you.


For company bosses who hesitate to employ single Mums, HIRE THEM. These women- despite the demands on their time- have developed skill sets that companies needs to succeed: - Organizational and management talents - Resilience, know how to persevere in the face of adversity

- Work well under pressure

- Know how to motivate others

- Efficient and productive

- Calculated Risk takers

- Good at managing limited resources For government and policy makers, it's time to break the bias and start with a simple change on census data labels like ‘head of household’, which lead us to effectively ignore single parents, the vast majority of which are women. We must design laws, policies and social protection systems that allow these women to thrive and by consequence, their children and future generations to come.


For the single mothers out there who are struggling, please don’t feel guilty about not providing enough for your kids. You are doing your best and YOU ARE ENOUGH. And, please, please TAKE CARE OF YOU. I know it’s difficult to find time to prioritize your needs, but do it: a nap, a walk, a chat with a friend, a manicure, a retreat, whatever gives you breathing space. ❤️

If you know a single Mum, reach out to help whenever and however you can.

Show her you SEE her and acknowledge her super powers. ❤️


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