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Most of us could do with more romance in our lives. Whether you’re coupled, single, divorced, widowed, or it’s just complicated, we need to stop relying on someone else for romance. It's time to take the wooing into your own hands.


When I was a young woman at Uni, I hated Valentine's Day. On that dreaded day, I had to walk past the lobby of my student residence and face the plethora of rose bouquets and red balloons, a reminder that love gifts had been delivered for other women in the building, except me.

Later in life, when I married, my husband convinced me that there was no point in celebrating Valentine’s Day; after all, it was just a commercial holiday and romance should be alive year-round. In theory, that sounded good, but in practice and with the passing of time, the occasional husband-procured flowers on other days of the year also died off.

After I divorced, I realized that I had to stop waiting for someone else to bring the bouquet and create my own romance.


So, I poured my heart into romancing myself.

I started cutting wildflowers in my garden and bringing them into my bedroom.

On my birthday, I sent myself a beautiful bouquet.

I treated myself to my first pair of Louboutin’s and never looked back.

Then, I poured my wallet into loving myself and walked straight into Tiffany’s!

The guilt lingered for a long time. I said to myself: “Have you lost your mind?! How can you put yourself ahead of your kids?”

But, I have NO regrets. I look down at that gorgeous ring on my hand now and smile. I know it’s a daily reminder that I’ve made a commitment to loving myself more.


I’m not advocating you break the bank! But I am saying that it’s absolutely ok and necessary that you put yourself first, ahead of your partner, your kids, your friends and all other commitments and make room for self-romance.

The first step is self-kindness and accepting that you’re human; you don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of love. Stop looking for external proof that you deserve it. Instead, practice self-affirmations that help you change your view of yourself. Although it isn’t always easy to find the things we love about ourselves, starting this journey helps us shift away from negativity to radiant abundance.

Think of one thing you love about yourself; it can be physical, personality, etc. Then write a whole paragraph about it. The first time I did this exercise, the best thing I could come up with was that I really liked my nose, so I wrote about that! It may sound simple and silly but creating the affirmation and saying it to yourself regularly can help.

So don’t be shy, celebrate the gorgeous in you!


There’s no better time to begin to love yourself than when you’re flying solo.

Start with something simple and fun. Slip into your sexiest lingerie, pop on your regular outfit and walk out the door. Your private secret will remain yours all day and you’ll feel fabulous!

When someone compliments you, don’t downplay it. Instead, embrace the kindness, thank them sincerely and let it sink in.

You deserve praise because you are AMAZING!! ❤️


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