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A behind-the-scenes look at Terranam Wellness & self-care tips for taking better care of yourself.


This Valentine’s Day, reflect on what loving YOURSELF really means, starting with your own body image. Learn to take steps towards loving your body a little bit more every day.


A few years ago, while riding the Eurostar to London, I was aimlessly perusing the fashion magazines when I came across a swimsuit feature. There before me was a multiple page spread of the model Ashley Graham in skimpy swimsuits and practically-not-there bikinis, looking sultry and relaxed on some exotic beach. I found myself staring at the photos slightly confused and slightly in awe.

Like many of us, I’ve had decades of being brainwashed into believing that skinny is where it’s at. But, this time, a beautiful woman was staring back at me from the glossy pages, in all of her curvy glory, confident in her body image, empowered and making no excuses.

I thought ‘whatever this is, I want to feel as confident in my body as she looks!”


I’ve given birth to three boys, all of them big and healthy babies, for which I am very grateful. When I was pregnant, strangers would smile at me and comment on how big and beautifully round my belly was. But, as soon as the baby was out, what I once looked at as the miracle belly, suddenly became a source of shame, especially when I didn’t snap back to flat stomach mode.

Flash forward 20 years and the transition to midlife has brought the belly jelly back with vengeance! Except this time, no one is celebrating my motherhood and I don’t like what I see in the mirror. To combat the discomfort, I've spent the majority of my 40’s sucking it all in, to make my waistline look smaller, but lately, with the menopause transition, my clever little ‘hold your breath’ trick is not so effective anymore. The extra weight is literally weighing down my spirit.


I’m nowhere near feeling great about my midlife belly and I’d be lying if I said I'm so body positive that I’m ready to parade around the beaches of Spain in a skimpy bikini! It isn’t easy to undo 30+ years of attaching my value to an unrealistic standard of body beauty.

What has helped me feel better is to stop judging myself so often by what the scale flashes back at me and focusing more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I've also learned how to accentuate the things I do like about my body by the way I dress. Through lots of trial and error, I’ve learned how to wear clothes that make me feel good and comfortable. For me, pencil skirts, high waisted pants and low-necked blouses are where it’s at! They don’t constrain my belly jelly and they make me feel attractive.

By wearing clothing that makes you feel good, you are showing self-love.

Dress your body like it's a piece of artwork. Be intentional, attentive, and expressive about the way you dress. When you dress your body intentionally, you send the message, to others and yourself, that this is a body that is beautiful and loved.


Comparing yourself to others can bring you down. And in today’s fake and filtered world, there is no shortage of constant reminders of what society considers a ‘perfect body’. So, give your social media a good cleanse and unfollow the ‘perfect people’. Curate your scroll to reflect people of all body sizes, people who shine back happy, confident and sexy no matter what size pants they wear.

Over time, this can make a huge difference in your perception of beautiful bodies and in the way you see and love yourself. ❤️


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