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In honor of the upcoming Menopause Awareness month, we’re launching Midlife Retreats!


Recently, I’ve felt like I’m losing my mind….along with just about everything else! I can’t remember why I went upstairs, I lost my glasses on the train, discovered a bowl of cooked mushrooms tucked away in the cupboard and somehow, my keys ended up in the freezer! This sort of brain fog, plus the unpredictable nature of my menstrual cycle are making me feel a little crazy.


The Menopause transition is a natural and normal part of every woman’s life. To help you navigate, here are the 3 key stages:

*Perimenopause: This 1st phase usually creeps up in the mid to late forties. It’s the stage where your body starts to run out of eggs and produces less hormones. Periods may become less frequent, and symptoms begin to appear for most women. This can go on for a few months or years. Every woman will experience it differently.

*Menopause: When you no longer experience a menstrual cycle for 12 consecutive months, you are now in menopause. Congratulations! You made it through to the other side 😉

*Post Menopause: This third and final phase is where you’ll stay for the rest of your life. For some women, symptoms ease up, but others may continue to experience them for quite some time.


There are over 35 symptoms that are known to be effects of the menopause transition, yet every woman will have a unique experience and it's important to address your specific needs to ensure you manage your own transition well and shine through to a better YOU!

Here’s a great symptom checker from our friends at MyMenopausecentre, a trusted medical source. Just click on the image below.


If you’re going through the midlife transition, we hear you, so we’re bringing back our Midlife Retreats in 2024 to help you navigate the changes.

In addition to our usual yoga, sound healing in our converted chapel, breathing exercises, meditation, fabulous gastronomic food, massages, nature walks, we’ve added some great moments that will cover your concerns:

  • Menopause 101 Workshop: covering the basics

  • Symptoms Discussion: addressing your individual needs

  • Nutrition workshop: how to nourish your body to help heal

Plus goodies galore! 😊

We want you to know you’re not alone and there are ways to help you navigate this key phase of your life to come out of the other side a more magnificent you!


For those of you experiencing brain fog, practice slowing down. Recognize when your mind is racing or distracted, stop what you’re doing, take a moment to breathe and refocus on the task at hand. Be present in everything you do and practice self-compassion. After all, “keys in the freezer” moments are a great opportunity to laugh at yourself. ❤️


Join us at one of our exclusive self-care retreat experiences.


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