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Leap into your deepest desires and embrace your magnificence!


People often ask me about advice I've received throughout my +25 year career. Whenever this question comes up, two things always come to mind: the best and the worst advice I've ever gotten.

The worst advice I received was at the begining of my career. I was about to leave New York to embark on my first expatriate assignment to Mexico for 4 years; the chance to live abroad I'd been waiting for my entire life. I was filled with anticipation and anxiously awaiting this new personal and professional adventure. A few days before my departure, the vice president of marketing pulled me into his office to share his wisdom about how to make this first phase of my international career successful.

He said "Whatever you do, don't be a squeaky wheel."

At the time, I was an impressionable and smart young woman, never a complainer but a good student always eager to please. This was the worst advice you could give someone like me at the tender age of 24. His message to me basically was "Stay docile, obedient and loyal, don't stand out from the crowd. Don't speak up when something doesn't feel right, ignore the little voice inside".

I'm here to tell you to NEVER accept this kind of advice from anyone.


Fifteen years later, I found myself at a conference in Paris, listening to an inspirational speaker whose life had been filled with many colorful and exciting chapters. I don't remember her name, but something she said has stuck with me ever since.

"When the universe sends you an opportunity, if it lights a little flame in your belly, embrace it. Say YES!"

So many of us have been taught to fear the YES in ourselves. The endless to-do-list, our family's expectations, societal pressures, all lead us to suppress our deepest cravings, to settle for or accept situations, people and context that outright neglect our soul's content. Even when we are fully conscious of the things about ourselves that are unfulfilled, we still pack them away deeply into the attics of our hearts. We do this because we think we're not worthy or we're afraid we'll fail or even because we're scared of our own magnificence. Consequently, we live in complete disalignment with our true needs and desires.

How many times in our lives has the universe spoken to us and we've just ignored the signs? It's time to listen to our gentle inner voice.

In fact, opportunities to own our desires and step into our inner joy are abundant. Sometimes, they aren't easy to spot, but when we look back on our most fulfilling moments and we unpack the layers, we discover that they were often filled with multiple mini-moments of YES.


It doesn't have to be a Hollywood-esque opportunity of a lifetime. The YES moments come more subtly, through chance, curiosity and courage. It is up to you to embrace them. The chance to have a drink with someone whose life journey fascinates you, the curiosity you have to visit that small town you read about, the courage to sign up for a salsa class or try wild swimming because you think you might like it.

The wonder that lights up inside you, even if just a flicker, is the only sign you need.

Read that again.

Saying YES is not about accepting or agreeing to something someone else dictates. It's about opening yourself up to the wonder in you, it's about identifying the opportunities that cross your path, the ones that you know deep inside will lead you to discover your most joyful self. When you spot them, sprint towards them with open arms and say YES!!


Sit quietly and make a conscious effort to listen to your inner most desire for more. What are the things you'd like to do/learn/experience that you haven't given yourself space or time to try? Without overextending yourself, own it and go for it!

Say YES and leap into your own bliss! ❤️


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